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It is well known that some regard gambling as " easy play ", however this claim becomes a little Advantages and Risks of Online Casinos unfair if we remember that to excel and achieve victories in them, they must devise a strategy of high level, which will gradually planning, and it needs a lot mind and to achieve as many other types of games at some point these could cause some damage in people.

According to a recent study by several researchers for different types of disorders that are obtained with this type of game, but not all the results were as expected, as a fact not come to any conclusions about what is the factor motivates people to dabble in gambling , and it is a fact that the facilities to enter them has increased markedly in recent years with the creation of the different platforms of online casinos. 

Which allow players participate in these games without leaving the comfort of your home and offering a variety of bonuses to make your way through these durable and successful as bonus is giving $ 500 to all new users creating real money accounts. The study concluded that the desire to enter the world of gambling is almost worldwide, but the study showed that there are many variations between regions with respect to the amount of money that is played in each of these, so you can conclude that in some countries the desire to play can be seen as a pathological condition and not an addiction.

For example, in countries like Norway only 1 in 500 people suffer from it, while in Hong Kong the average rises to 1 in 20 people, however only 10% of people having this problem, try to find medical help to overcome his impulsive desire for gambling .

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