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The so-called Roulette Poker is a card game based on this popular game. In the end, the player with the best poker hand wins the round, but creating this hand depends on luck as skill. Players must match the letters from the same set with a community card on the table. At the end of the round, the cards that you have used to create your hand. The game of Roulette Poker requires a minimum of three players and has a maximum of five players. The ideal number is three or four players. A letter was distributed face down to each player. The player may look at his letter. Two additional cards are given face down to each player.

The player can place any of your active cards of the same suit with the one on the table and the remaining in the deck. If a player has two active cards that match the suit of the card face up, with the rest added. If the card face up in the center of the table is a wildcard, each player who does not have the catch can. This also occurs if a player has a joker as one of its active cards, and the card face up in the center of the table is not a wildcard. If the player has two active cards as a wildcard, or one is and the card face up in the center is, the two active cards are discarded.

If a player does not add any letter just received a new card face down. These letters are the active cards in the new round. A player with only one active card can choose any one you want, even a wild card. Another is taught and the process continues as before. These steps are repeated until all the cards in the deck are dealt. In the end, each player must make their best five-card hand of poker. The player with the best hand is declared the winner and receives a point. Play until one player wins five points. That player is declared the winner. Wildcards are very powerful cards. Remember that you can only add one to the active cards. Players who are good at tracking the cards have an advantage because they know what your opponents have in hand.

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