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A word can evoke very different thoughts . Who ever drove through was at Baccarat will perhaps remember that most charming town in northern France . Who has standing in the display case is probably thinking of the crystal that is known by that name , another thinks of a game , where James Bond was apparently very fond of , which in several versions, with different actors are regularly in a casino played . In the first book about James Bond even a detailed description of the game was given. Well, not everyone has that are in the closet , so we will continue, but not linked to, if you want to know. 

More about Baccarat game as In the Bond films, the game often produces psychological turning points and some nice for the hero of the story , but that's nothing to what is on the French game tables left in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. Yet The game came from Italy blow over in time that Vasco di Gama and Columbus their first great voyages of discovery were : the late fifteenth century. It was then not so and there were a number of card games and variations in circulation , of which Pharaoh most resembled. Other games were Basset , Barba Cola and Hocca and the common thread was that there was very significant deployed in all those games.

It brought entire families to the city charm and made others even richer than they already were . Because the French king like order and regularity in the political support ( and the Treasury ) had in 1691 he banned all these games. There are still several variants of Baccarat . Whom the term Minibaccarat encounter is almost always in an online casino . Due to the screen, and then the statement is in fact always played with a half oval here . There are seven members and there is only one dealer . Incidentally, this variant also played in America , where Baccarat usually called Punto Banco , a name that you will encounter a lot at online casinos.

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