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Nobody knows when the first casino and roulette. One thing is certain - mention of gambling can be found in ancient Rome, Greece and China, and the fact that the creator of the wheel of fortune, place and year of the invention are lost in the depths of history, once again confirms - roulette game has existed for a long time, but perhaps different rules and appearance. It is known that the first tables were free, and in Europe and the United States to play roulette began in the early 19th century. Its popularity led to irreversible consequences: today the online casino roulette necessarily included in the list of games.

Why less than twenty years of online roulette is breaking all records of popularity? Like all brilliant, the answer is simple: it combines the simplicity of the rules, and an abundance of fascinating process rates. Chances of winning professionals and newcomers to the online casinos are equal. Check statement in demo mode and start this game!

However, the results of our own observations, relationships between individual runs the ball is not observed. Perhaps there is a real connection establishment and throws a particular dealer. Or maybe we conducted research on a small sample. Opinion casino categorically: such strategies are ineffective, the best option - to rely on your luck. And agree or create your own system that will bring millions - your business. Luck loves the brave!

A few words about the benefits of online gambling establishments

1. In online casino roulette for money brings a lot of positive emotions, no matter what real supporters institutions. Yes, there is no tactile feedback, but the excitement and winnings - as real.

2. Play online casino roulette can be everywhere and most of the devices connected to the world wide web and supporting a range of technologies. Experience Fortune favors public transport, on the beach, in the office!

3. Forget about additional costs for rent a luxury car, the dress code, tips and drinks expensive.

4. MD5 algorithm protects your luck, which is so easy to scare off a careless act, from dishonest dealer and establishment owners. Random number generator - it's not a magnet under the table!

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