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Keno - a game in the traditional "tickets." Each ticket consists of 80 cells (with digits) and 20 beads (these figures are plotted). Those who played the lottery, the principle of the game will seem very familiar. Should be marked on the ticket numbers. On the playing field of 1 to 10. Winnings are paid according to the rates and numbers dropped. Rates become available as the game develops. During the game you can mark more than 10 rooms. The following are different betting options.

«Bet» - if you mark the ticket one (or more) room and it coincides with the fallen, the rate becomes active.

«Bet Against» - if the ticket marked at least 8 points, the rate available. In that case all the marked point you - do not fall, the bet wins.

«Catch All» - if you mark from 2 to 7 points on the ticket, then plays this rate. In case all these numbers dropped - you won.

«High Roller» - this option is similar to the rate «Bet» that it requires to put at least one number. But here another table wins. And higher winnings. To win, you must come in more matches.

«Top or Bottom» - it is available early in the game, before you began to celebrate winning number on the ticket. Here denotes the amount. The player decides which part of the ticket is less than full, top or bottom. Diff - defines winning. PS On our site you can play keno for free and without registration.

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