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Perhaps the most widespread progressive jackpots got it in the slot games. In the classic version of slot machines with jackpots instead of fixed payments for the best possible combination is assigned to the progressive jackpot. Different casinos have different rules of payment of the prize. In some varieties of gaming machines, for example, be collected on a specific combination of the highest line, the other is usually absent and sometimes in order to obtain the super necessary not only to make the best combination, but also in additional game win.

Jackpot is also often played out in the game of video poker machines. Progressive jackpots in these games are usually paid for the best possible combination of Royal Flush in playing the maximum bet of five coins. In fact, get this hand in video poker is not too difficult, but because jackpots are seldom reach impressive sizes. The average amount of the progressive jackpot video poker is about 1-7 thousand dollars, depending on the price of tokens that bets. The minimum size of a jackpot video poker is about 700-800 rates.

Often progressive jackpot can be found growing in the Caribbean poker. In this game, every hand the player is invited to compete for the super prize by making an additional bet a fixed amount to the "jackpot". From these rates and formed a prize, and he gets lucky who managed to collect the Royal Flush. In some casinos rules Caribbean poker jackpot are additional payments for a simple and straight flush, but they usually make up only a tenth of the total jackpot. Which, by the way, is equal to the average of 100-200 thousand dollars.

Jackpot can rip and playing roulette if you suddenly can win multiple times on the same issue. The rule also applies to the jackpot blackjack. For example, some casinos will appoint a super prize for the simultaneous collection of combinations of "blackjack" in three boxes. So, in a good casino, you are sure to find a game with a progressive jackpot on the taste.

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